Monday, February 1, 2010

The Printed Word

I literally could not get through a day without reading something. Many times I have more than one book at a time that I am enjoying. If I don't read during the day I always read at least 10 minutes or so before I go to sleep.

I get my stuff from all sorts of places. Libraries are number one on my list for reading materials. I have checked out Amazon books and lately with my new phone I have found public domain classics that I can read in bed without needing to turn on a light. I love my new phone! (It's a Droid.)

If you are an obsessed reader like me where do you get your books?


  1. I am a big supported in used book stores..and it does help to be working at a book store,,also thrift stores are great for books..I am not a library person as I like to keep my books..

  2. When I wrote this I did not even think of used books or thrift stores. Great suggestion!

    I don't usually buy or keep current fiction, they come from libraries. The books I keep are for reference for knitting and other needlework and hobbies.


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