Friday, February 5, 2010

I Baked

I bought some yeast on my last grocery trip as well as flour. I love homemade cinnamon rolls and today I indulged myself by baking some. Yeah I will share with Jim. Half of them are made with almonds for me and half without nuts for him.

I think it is time for an afternoon cup of tea and a freshly baked roll. Don't you?

I got the recipe from Who needs cookbooks anymore with the internet. I can google a recipe faster than I can find it in my stack of books. Love that.


  1. wow my mouth is watering,,,those look delish,,,and yes I use the internet awhole lot more then cookbooks these days..enjoy

  2. Yummo!

    I love the internet for recipes too...but what to do with my cookbook collection?!

    Happy Weekend ~Natalie

  3. Craft ideas for old cookbooks anyone?

  4. oh wow those look super delish!!

    Are they vintage cookbooks? I'd say frame them and sell them on Etsy!! hehe.

  5. My life is filled with vintage stuff if judged by its age. A lot of others would say it is junk.


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