Friday, March 16, 2018

All of the Above With Norman Lear

In the last couple months I have pretty much given up watching televisions with two exceptions, the Super Bowl and the Winter Olympics. I use podcasts as background noise to my days and to inform and entertain me. I have blogged before about a couple of my favorites, HumaNature and Telemetry.

Another favorite among so very many is Wait Wait Don't Tell Me from NPR. The only way I heard that show before was on road trips when the only station on the radio was Public Radio. At other times Jim likes music too much for me to have a chance to listen to talk shows. Now with my little Podcast Addict app I can listen whenever I want.

Earlier this week I heard an episode of Wait Wait from 2016 that had Norman Lear as a guest. He was so much fun to listen to that I stopped what I was doing and did just that. He was 93 when this particular show aired and he was asked about what got him so far and what could he say to others hoping to live so long. His words have been in my mind all week and I want to save them here.

I heard those words as instructions for living a life with a sense of accomplishment and the joy of being able to look forward to new things. Sounds good to me, in fact, it makes me smile just to think about using this phrase myself. 

As for Mr. Lear who is now 95, he has a podcast of his own. I have listened to several episodes and been delighted. The show is "All of the Above with Norman Lear" and as of this writing there are 38 episodes ready to listen to. So far I have listened to episodes with writers, actors, musicians and other performers from Michael Angelakos to Rita Moreno to RuPaul.

From Yellowstone to Hollywood, my curious mind wants to hear about it all.

Back with more again soon. Take care and stay cozy!

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