Tuesday, September 23, 2008

More Travels

DSCN2210I am sharing with you more of the visit with my daughter in August. We took a drive to the Mogollon Rim to show it to them one day. That is where Jim took the picture of the "dog rock" I showed you in a previous post. The edge of the Rim is right behind us and Grandpa who is very afraid of heights made sure we had the kids right beside us. Not that Mom and Grandma weren't careful but he was just understandably worried. There are no guardrails or protections of any kind here.

DSCN2215We had a late breakfast at the Beeline Cafe on the way through Payson. Highway 87 is known as the Beeline Highway and the cafe is right on that road as it goes through town. It is a fun place with the meals that I have had there well prepared.

We made a quick stop at Saguaro Lake. The day was hot even by the lake so we took a few pictures and then headed home. I amazes me still to think of the beautiful lakes we have around here in the middle of the desert. I keep thinking we should get a boat but Jim says his work hours are too long and we wouldn't have time to enjoy it. I suppose he is right.

I want to try and find an Etsy item to go along with each of my posts. Today I am adding this beautiful sunset on a lake picture. Clicking on the picture will take you to EllaPhante's shop on Etsy if you are interested.


  1. It's very pretty there! I am scared of heights too. If I see someone get near the edge of something I get dizzy and my palms sweat real bad.

  2. Amazing place!
    Thanks for following my blog!


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