Monday, May 17, 2010

It Scares Me

Yep, I admit it. My phone scares me sometimes. Phones can be so smart and so connected now that if you got iphone accessories or droid or blackberry for that matter it would just make them even smarter.

My point. The other day I looked in my picture gallery to clean out some of the junk pictures I have taken with the phone. You know just the silly unfocused ones you do when learning how the camera works. I found that this phone is so connected to my google accounts that all the pictures I have uploaded to Picassa are on my phone along with all my blogger pics including the ones connected to posts I did with Windows Live Writer when I was experimenting with that software.

Beyond that the other day a son in law sent a text from a cell phone not on my contact list. I edited the number with his name and the phone went oh yeah you know him and how about we put his Facebook profile pic right next to his name.

Scary I tell ya.

What else does my phone know about me or do I really want to know?

1 comment:

  1. Hehe! Technology is amazing! Everything seems to be connected.


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