Friday, May 14, 2010

The Best of Summer

It just wouldn't be summer without glasses of refreshing iced tea for me. I like lots of ice in a moisture beaded glass filled with a slightly sweetened golden amber liquid. That is summer and I make it by the gallon.

I can't say that I get my tea from any of the tea vendors on the handmade sites like Artfire, Zibbet or Etsy. My coffee and tea comes from a roasting house in New Jersey with an online presence at The selection of coffee and teas goes from everyday to gourmet and all of it is great quality combined with pricing that I can't find anywhere else, local or online.

The selection of teas include black, green, herbal, white and flavored. My usual order is for black tea, nothing fancy and I get a different type each time so I can work my way through all the choices. You get lots of information about the products they have to help you make your decision on what to get.

If you want to know more about this awesome business you can look around the website - Coffee Bean Direct or check them out on Facebook.

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