Friday, October 9, 2009

Silly Sounds Making Smiles

Do you ever run across words that just make you smile?

Once I wrote a post on the EtsyBloggers team blog for a shop named Hello Pineapples. Just saying it made me grin. Then there are the cute things kids say. For example last week on our way to dinner in Tooele with our tenants my granddaughter asked, "Why do they have two willas?"

What was it that put these silly things in my mind today? I ran across the word Kettlebells
. I think it would make a good replacement word for others that should not be said in front of the little ones in your life.

What words make you smile?


  1. Kettlebells is a good one :) I've always liked the sound of Bunny when it's someone's name.

  2. I have never met a Bunny in real life. It would make me smile too.

  3. Kettlebells sounds like a cat's name. It's cute!

    I giggle whenever my husband uses the word "dedeuce". I think it's the most ridiculous word. And of course, he loves to use it just to annoy me and also make me laugh. haha!

    –verb (used with object), -duced, -duc⋅ing.
    1. to derive as a conclusion from something known or assumed; infer: From the evidence the detective deduced that the gardener had done it.

    Even the definition sounds like pure foolishness. Cracks me up!

  4. in hossenfeffer soup. Heard it on a bugs bunny show when I was little and still use it to this day....with my kids of course. I offer hossenfeffer soup when no one will tell me what they want to little one always say "no dat will make me sneeze!!!"

  5. Thanks for the comments guys. Now I know to watch out for deducing detectives after guilty gardeners and possibly heavily peppered hossenfeffer soup.

  6. LOL Kettlebells does sound like a cats name! Hmm I'll have to think about words that make me smile :)


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