Monday, August 11, 2008

Happy Birthday!

I do hope he is happier on his birthday than he was this day in February when his mom was going around with a camera taking pictures of every one. This is my son James, or as all the family calls him, Jimmy. He is 28 years old today and I wanted to wish him a happy birthday here on the blog.

He and I share a love of computers and handcrafted things. He likes to figure out how things work just out of curiosity and started this at a young age.
(Insert embarrassing mom story here.) The first memory I have of this trait in him happened when he was about two years old. I was on the phone with someone and assumed he was playing with toys in the other room. While I was talking he came up and showed me that he had found a screwdriver and taken all the handles off of the drawers on the desk in the living room. After the phone call we of course had a lesson on how to put them back on.

His life has been a busy one lately with a move from apartment living to a house, a lovely wife, 2 busy boys and a dog.
Happy Birthday Jimmy!


  1. a tinkerer! cute story. Happy Birthday Jimmie

  2. Happy Birthday, Jimmy! That's a great story. :)


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