Friday, August 15, 2008

Another Olympics Post

I know there are a million or more Olympics related blog posts going on in the world. I just figured I should add one of my own. I have mainly been watching swimming, gymnastics and beach volleyball. I am excited for and proud of all Olympians. I am glad there is an event such as this where once every four years I can see the best in the world.

I do have a question for all my readers out there. Don't you think that Aaron Piersol is just about the cutest thing to climb in or out of a pool? (He is on the left.)


  1. the Olympians are all in such good shape. And the women's volleyball - golly! I was watching men's basketball last night (finally found a station for ALL Olympic basketball) and the Iranians were playing. Talk about some good looking dark men? Wow!

  2. *Love* Aaron Piersol! Totally hotter than Michael Phelps :)


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