Tuesday, February 18, 2014

With family

We got to spend a long weekend with daughter, son in law and grandkids.

I live in an area where it can be a great adventure just to drive around because you never know what you might find. Around Jackson it is always worth it to stop if you see several cars pulled over and lots of cameras with big expensive lenses attached.

We came across just such a situation while driving down the road inside the National Elk Refuge. Of course we had binoculars and started using them to find out what the professional photographers were camped out to get pictures of. It was a small group of wolves! They were too far away for me to even try taking pictures with my camera and no tripod but it was wonderful to sit and watch them for awhile. During the same drive we of course saw elk and big horn sheep.

We also went to the Historical Society Museum in Jackson. It is a favorite stop for the grandkids. I found a cute piece if antler art that made me smile just to look at it. We all enjoyed the displays and my granddaughter always likes the dress up area with prairie style clothes.

After having some lunch we did one more of our favorite drives. This one is on Antelope Flats outside of Jackson, going through the town of Kelly, Wyoming. Crossing the road right in front of us was a moose and her calf.

The rest of the weekend was spent just being together with card games, watching olympics, food and fun.

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