Monday, February 10, 2014

Shop of the Week Lanmon Originals

I have great admiration for people who do things I can't or don't. I have looked at soap making instructions online and it makes my head spin. Thankfully there are shops where you can get the best soaps you have ever used and Lanmon Originals is one of those.

Lemon Zing
Delicate yet vibrant lemon scented soap that will start your morning off with a zing and a smile!
Contains olive oil, canola oil, lemon zing herbal tea, coconut oil, palm oil, shea butter, lemongrass, lemon, lime, orange and grapefruit essential oils, safflower petals and turmeric.

Apricot Creme
Beautifully luxurious apricot soap that will pamper your skin and your mind! The all natural apricot puree and butter make this vegan soap almost good enough to eat!
Contains saponified olive, avocado, palm kernel and castor oils and cocoa and shea butters, peach herbal tea, apricot puree and nut butter, almond milk, and madder.

Rose Romance
All the romance of spring wrapped up in a soap! I spent months infusing oil with roses, and that rose oil kissed with a touch of geranium essential oil gives this hand crafted vegan soap a lovely floral scent that will start your day out right. I have also included a touch of corn silk to make this bar even more luxurious while still being vegan!  Contains saponified olive, canola, palm kernel and palm oils and shea butter, water, rose infused olive oil, geranium essential oil, corn silk, yellowdock, madder and rattanjot.

Goodness I really wish you could smell on the internet! Today the shop of the week has the most lovely sounding scents in handcrafted soap. Leave a comment to let me know what you would choose for yourself.

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