Thursday, February 20, 2014

Nellie Bly

I had another post planned for today but I just have to share and record this memory instead. 

My granddaughter had to do a presentation of an American personality. When showed a list by her teacher she chose Nellie Bly because she like the name. She learned a lot about her including the age of her death which matches my current age. She liked to remind me that I should be careful now since I am so old. She read biographies, watched a movie and then prepared a costume and display and a report to read. All of her classmates did the same.

The kids got together with parents, community heroes like police, firemen, active duty military and veterans and sang patriotic songs. After the songs the adults were encouraged to go and talk to the kids about their American. An active duty female in the Army talked to Posie for quite awhile and at the end gave her a hug.
My granddaughter was SOOOOOOOO excited that she got a hug from "an Army girl". You see, to some the military are celebrities.

I wish I had been there but I got to see a video on Facebook that I can't share here so I just have the picture.

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