Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Handmade in My Home Jim's Paperweight

I have been meaning to do a series about the handmade items that surround me in my home for a long time. I started this idea on another blog that I merged with this one last year. This is mostly to document these things for myself but I don't mind sharing them with you all as well.

This is a paper weight I made more than 30 years ago for Jim, as you might have guessed from the picture. I made it during a visit at my cousin Jacque's house around Christmas time one year. She made one for her husband's office too. We filled a child sized high top sneaker with plaster of paris first. Then we painted accents and names on them.

Looking at it and taking the picture today reminded me of how long ago that was and the pleasant times we used to have visiting at her home. In the funny way families are her children were my age and she was more like an aunt to me.

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