Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Books 2014 Yellowstone Has Teeth

I am not sure I could ever say enough how much I enjoyed this book. I am in awe of the people talked about in Marjane's chronicle of her time spent living in Yellowstone. I found this review by M Baker on Amazon and it echoes very well what I felt while reading including the tears the part about leaving and at the loss of a friend to the hazards of the park in winter and slowing down, not wanting the experience to end. I found myself reading sections of it out loud to family to share the wonderful storytelling.
What a fabulous book! My first experience with Yellowstone was in October 1988 shortly after the fires were extinguished by snow and I have been in love with and intrigued by Yellowstone since. To read Ms. Ambler's first hand account of living in the Interior transports the reader back in time and place. She tells you what it was actually like to live at Lake year round and how truly isolated they were from November-April. It was not a life of glamour and ease. She includes her own first hand accounts and those from many former Park employees. For me, to have the human aspect of a subject is as important as the historical facts. What good are plain facts if you don't know or can't understand how they affect someone?? The book is well written in understandable format. I didn't need a dictionary for word definition and it follows logical sequence. I do have to say, near the end of the book when she and Terry were driving out of the Park I had tears running down my cheeks just as she did. The only negative thing I can say about this book is that it had to end! I found myself slowing down reading it so I could make it last longer! (me too!)On the author's website there are pictures of some of the people she speaks about in the book. It is nice to be able to match faces to names. Please, Marjane, I would be interested in reading more of your Yellowstone stories!
I have had the gift of living in the Jackson Hole area for about 3 years now and know I won't always be here. The day I leave will be a rough one too.

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