Monday, November 18, 2013

Over the weekend

It was mildly, probably for some and wildly for me, exciting here this weekend.

  • I went over the 1000 mark for followers on twitter. Never thought that would happen. If you are interested I am @cozyatoz.
  • I listed some dishcloths and sold some on the same day in my re-energized Zibbet shop.

  • I finished up the crocheting on a donation afghan. This will be the third year I have given one to the hospital in Jackson for the first baby of the new year. It was done in a pattern called Catherine's Wheel or more currently known now as a Wooleater. As usual for me the ends need woven in on it but I have lots of time for that.

  • One Saturday night we went out to dinner at Teton Thai with some friends. Good food and good company.
  • We had our first pretty good snow storm over the weekend. The first snows are always lovely. You will hear me grumbling about March I am sure.

Till next time,

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