Thursday, August 2, 2012

Funny and Strange

I knit a bit on the hat I told you about in yesterday's post while watching swimming, beach volleyball and gymnastics last night. Lots of excitement but then NBC saves what they think are the best events for the evening prime time show. Anyone else watching the Olympics?

I was also a bit productive online yesterday. This is where my "Funny and Strange" comes in. I worked on my Profile page and Policies page yesterday. They are alright for now. I am sure someone could pick them apart if I asked for a critique but I am not going to. Not that I am so sure it is the best but I think as long as spelling and grammar are okay and the necessary points are made the rest is subjective.

It is funny and strange to me that I can chatter away here on this blog and my other one with no problem. When faced with a definite writing purpose and need I go blank. I spent some time pacing, sitting outside and putting those pages together in my head over and over. There really is not much there that should have been so hard but it was. I guess I worry most about finding a balance between friendly and business like. I want to sound friendly but not be a doormat. I want to sound business like but not cold and stuffy. Of course as time goes on the Profile page pictures will change but for now the are good.

My favorite is this headband. Not listed yet but a sample of one of the things I like to make.

Tim Adam seems to be the expert that I am not. If you sell online and want some serious help you might consider his books and website as a source of assistance.

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