Friday, June 17, 2011

Featured on a Friday Julie Magers Soulen Photography

Julie Magers Soulen is a photographer I have watched for awhile now. I am a fan on Facebook and follow her blog. You can find her work in a shop on Etsy as well as one on Artfire.

From her bio page on Artfire you get hints of the type of person and photographer she is.

Since I moved to Colorado more than 20 years ago, I have been an avid outdoors enthusiast. In the late 90s we moved to a solar powered off-grid home and I love the independence. I also love being outdoors hiking in the surrounding forest with my two dogs. My love of nature is reflected in my photography. I find nature to be inspiring in all its many forms.

I was thinking about the birds around my house today. For some silly reason I love watching birds. It is something that really started when we lived in Arizona. In fact if you see me online anywhere my avatar is a bird that I took a picture of in my backyard one day. He (I think) was a bold little guy that chirped at me as I sat on the patio.

Back to Julie and why I am featuring her today. Since moving to Wyoming I got to see the beautiful and boldly colored mountain bluebird. Guess who else has seen and photographed them too? Yes, Julie. She has several different prints in her shop and I love them all. What do you think?

If you find these birds as charming as I do you may want to check out her shop (Click here.) for some full sized prints. While you are there look around and she what else she has to offer.


  1. Thank you very much for the Friday Feature! It is much appreciated. If anyone is interested in the Mountain Blue Bird photos hurry by. I am discontinuing this series.

    Thanks again,
    Julie Magers Soulen Photography

  2. what beautiful little birds! that color blue is stunning!

    cute blog - i'm your newest follower

  3. The bluebird pictures are beautiful. I've loved watching birds since I was a girl - learning to recognize them by site and song. We have a large variety here in Kentucky and they are fun to watch.


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