Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Moose and a Surprise

I said yesterday I had some things to share about my weekend. Well here goes...

Jim and I attended the 52nd annual Spring Fling put on by the St. John's Hospital Auxiliary. The event was held in a lodge on Jackson Lake in Teton National Park. My outside pictures did not turn out so great because the days were rather cloudy and even snowy at times.

As we left home we had someone to wish us a good time.

All the way to the lodge you could see animals, mostly buffalo and elk. Where ever there were cars stopped to take pictures, and there were a lot since the visitors have started to arrive, I wanted to say,
"Take your pictures on the road folks but I have actually had those guys in my own backyard and how cool is that, huh?".

I can understand why they do it though. There is no place on earth like Jackson Hole. I am lucky to be here and I know that.

The Spring Fling was a fundraiser that included dinner, a dance and a silent auction. My surprise was that Jim bid on a necklace I liked and had the winning bid. I don't usually wear pieces this big but I love the colors and the wire work. The necklace was made by Bev Hoffman who works at St. John's Hospital.

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  1. Well, how fun, someone to wish you a good time and to keep an eye on the fort while you're away. And lucky you. That's a good looking necklace.


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