Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Learning Something New

I ordered one of my own Christmas presents this year because Jim would never have gone shopping for me on a knitting web site and gotten all the little bits and pieces I wanted. I got a Knit Picks interchangeable set, a cable needle, extra cables in all the lengths offered, all the needle tips sizes they have and some fixed cable needles in the very small sizes.These tools are part of my personal plan for this year.

I have wanted to learn how to do a couple different things for awhile now and this is the year. First I wanted to learn the magic loop method of knitting. This lets you knit small round items like hats and socks or knit afghans or baby blankets from the center out without needing to manage a set of double pointed needles. I am working on a baby blanket right now that starts from the center out. It is my own design, not real fancy or lacy this time but I like how it is coming out so far and when I finish it will go into one of my shops.

The second thing I want to do is knit socks. This would be for myself mostly. Even here in Phoenix there are several months a year when having a cozy pair of socks to pull on in the evenings would be nice. I don't see myself knitting up a lot of different sizes to make them for sale. I got a couple sock books as well that have a lot of information on getting started. As usual they don't have directions specifically for left handed knitters. My brain has to switch the hands in the directions but I am used to that.

Do you have any plans to expand your skills or knowledge this year? I would love to hear from readers about what you are doing or learning.

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  1. I started knitting socks using a really basic pattern and bulky yarn...more like boot socks or slippers. Now I am knitting my first real pair of socks using a pattern from Knitty. Try looking on You Tube for a left handed tutorial.

  2. I have looked on You Tube for tutorials. There are a few out there for left handed knitters. Most of them cover basic techniques and are great for beginners. If a left handed knitter wants to learn more advanced skills like cast ons, bind offs or other things it is back to switching the left and right words in the directions.

  3. those are great projects! I'm gonna work on some sewing skills and make use of my sewing machine. best of all to you in 2010

  4. I have a knitting unit in my Fashion class. We teach the students that it is the same for right and left handers...since there are 2 needles and both hands are doing something, it doesn't matter...
    I have been making neckwarmers like crazy...Uses the knitting in the round...I should post some pics on my blog. I would love to see your socks!

    Have a terrific Tuesday ~Natalie

  5. Because you are using two needles it doesn't matter is not true for me. I think hand dominance plays into it. So for knitting instructions I have to switch the words left and right and then do the technique.

    I tried to learn the basics of tatting long ago. I thought that if it was a two handed process like you mentioned I could just read the instructions and follow the way it was written. I ended up switching words there too because my hands just would not work following right handed directions.


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