Thursday, September 24, 2009

See Me If You Must

I try not to get in pictures if I can help it. Every once in awhile some one will get me to stand still for one. In this first picture I put myself in the shot without knowing it until later. If you click on the picture to see it larger you will see me sitting on the curb to take pictures of Hunter's first bike ride.

I think my granddaughter took this picture. She was young and probably didn't really know what she was doing. This is the same child who asked, "Grandma when did you start highlighting your hair?" I had to explain that I didn't do it but rather nature and age had.

One of my favorite vacations was a road trip from Salt Lake City to Calgary in 2003. We drove through Glacier National Park in Montana. Jim took this picture of me during one of many stops for pictures. Since we were both smoking then I will fess up to the cigarette I am holding while I try to convince him the view is better for a picture than I am. I was about 30 pounds thinner then too.

The last picture you are getting of me was taken last year in the saloon on the main street in Prescott, AZ. This is right across the street from the lovely court house. I love that town.

Behind the faces is a woman who likes travel, new restaurants, dogs, books, family, documentary type television, oldies, country and celtic music and keeping my hands busy.

So there you have it folks. This post is part of an EtsyBlogger blog carnival. The topic choices were to show yourself or your studio. My "studio" is in great danger of becoming a piled to the ceiling storage room so you get me. The blog carnival will be hosted on the Memories for Life Blog this coming Monday.


  1. What lovely photos! I completely feel the same about pictures of myself. I'm terrified of our Engagement session next month...

    hmmm...can I get off 30 pounds? Believe me, I am going to try!

    Thanks for sharing! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!


  2. great to see you, Kathy! I have to admit, I did notice the cigarette first (my DH smokes). Once you mentioned the background, I did look; that view is fantastic!! {:-D


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