Friday, September 12, 2008

These won't fly away

One of the things that surprised me here in my desert home was how many birds I saw everyday. I have no idea what they are all named but regular visitors include crows, hummingbirds and morning doves. I love watching them in the backyard when it is not too hot to sit on the patio.

I also love birds in art work. Today I am going to show you two of my favorites so that you can enjoy them too.

The first is Treasurefield. She makes the most charming bird brooches.

My other favorite to share is Matthew Stewart. His birds are blown glass which is an art I really admire.
Now really wouldn't you love to have something from one of these artists for your very own?


  1. Those little blue birds are beautiful!

  2. those a both beautiful picks!

    I always heard morning doves around our house, but never knew what they were, until my DH told me. CoCoo (heh)

  3. Love the blue in both of those!

  4. How did I ever miss this? Thank you very much for featuring my work, oh so many years ago. ^_^ I hope there is still plenty of birdsong in your world!

  5. @treasurefield You are very welcome. It was a pleasure to feature those little birds. Your shop is still charming.


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