Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wednesday Already?

Too many of my days end with I was gonna do this and I was gonna do that. This is not to say I get nothing done but the days don't seem to live up to the grand plans they or I start them with.

I did check out a new website for selling online. It is Silk Fair. I like a lot of the features that are there for sellers. The site did seem to be a bit slow but everything I played with worked. It does allow a mix of commercial and handcrafted but you know that is just the way things seem to be these days. Even the big site (Etsy) that started as a handmade site has moved to allow commercial item that fit in certain categories such as supplies and vintage.  I figure if you don't keep your eyes open to new things you may miss something great.

We had a great time with the granddaughter last week and I am going to end this with one of my favorite pictures of the week.

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