Friday, March 28, 2008

I just can't...

That's right.... I feel like the lion in the picture. I usually love to blog each week on the carnival topic chosen by EtsyBloggers Team members. It is not the fault of the person who is hosting and chose the topic either. I have been struggling with this all week. I would get an idea half formed and then realize it fell short of the mark. I can not think of a single prank I was part of in the giving or receiving end to tell about. I feel like such a dud.

I do want you to know that the EtsyBloggers are a great group to be a part of and I encourage you to read other posts in the carnival and even take a look at the archives for some awesome topics and writing.

If you have an April Fool's Day story you would like to share feel free to use the comments to do so. I would love to read them and have a laugh.

PS - has a fantastic photo gallery and I get to see a new picture everyday on my Google desktop. That is how I found this guy.

Update-I submitted this post earlier for the blog carnival and just this morning (3/29) finally thought of a prank that was great. At least I thought so.

Growing up my son had a best friend and they were always doing some kind of joke with each other. This was especially true with Christmas gifts. One year Sean called and asked if I could make sure that Jimmy's stocking had a chisel in it and if I could please make it a very small one. I complied. On Christmas Day Sean showed up with a gift for Jimmy encased in concrete in a 5 gallon bucket. I don't even remember what the gift was. I do remember the look on my son's face when the chisel in his stocking made sense. Sean watched as Jimmy spent more than an hour to get his gift with the small chisel and a hammer. If I remember correctly, please remember I am getting old, Sean got a gift wrapped in what seemed like hundreds of layers of duct tape the next year.


  1. I agree I have trouble with the whole pranking thing, mostly b/c my husband is so creative and has a mean competitive side that is would be afraid of the revenge!

    Love the update too, what a fun friendship to go through all the trouble!

  2. Good read, love the chisel story. Thanks for participating.

  3. LOL! You and I had the same problem - we just don't DO April Fool's day. At least you did come up with a funny story! Hmm - I do like that idea of encasing a present in cement ...

  4. LOL2...very frustratingly funny!

  5. I love the lion photo, so cute! And what a great story and fun friendship that must've been.


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