Friday, March 21, 2008

Going Green

Looking for a green subject for this weeks blog post I wandered around Etsy window shopping. It is something I love to spend time doing. The range of things available there never ceases to amaze me.


Back to the topic for this weeks blog canival of the Etsy Bloggers Street Team. One of the things that everyone tends to get way too many of is plastic shopping bags. There are many shops that sell items made from them and their use keeps them out of the landfills. You can find plarn for your own projects. Plarn is the word for the yarn made from cutting the bags for crocheting or knitting. I learned that this week. I found crafters making lots of things with plarn. A search for plarn or plastic turns up lots of things like change purses, business card holders and of course bags. I think I found the cutest bag ever when I discovered this one-


Who says green can't be cute?




  1. That is such a cute bag - and wow I'd never heard of plarn. That's so to search Etsy!

  2. That's so neat! You can't even tell its plarn!

  3. Love that! Looks like yarn to me :-)

  4. I had never heard of plarn! How cool!


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