Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Pearl Harbor, Cozy on Etsy and Photo of the Day

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A couple years ago we got to spend a few days on the island of Oahu in Hawaii. One of our last days on the island was spent at Pearl Harbor. It seems fitting to remember that visit today.

The wall with all the names on it was very moving. As I stood there among the selfie stick using, grinning tourists I found myself tearing up. In my mind we were visiting a graveyard, a solemn place deserving of quiet and respect.

Maybe for me it is personal. I stood beside a sailor that always came home from the sea during a 20 year career. I am selfishly glad that for us it happened that way.

I learned of a tradition that day. It seems that in Hawaii if you are given a lei it is in poor taste to just throw it away. It is best to pass on the gift. Some put their leis on statues of Hawaiian Kings. Other people bring their leis to Pearl Harbor and put them in the water there. This is the water that to this day still has the shimmer of leaking oil from the ships below and marks the tombs of many that were killed that day. Skip the Shop News if you wish to see a couple more images from that moving visit.

Shop news from

Not much new in the shop these days. I get views and favorites most days. I would love to ship something out. It is a thrill each time I get to do that.

The way I see it someone needs a gold scarf to glam up their holiday wardrobe. Don't you think so too?

If you love silver rather than gold I have a solution for that too. All my holiday scarves for winter, gifts, or for yourself are on display in my shop,

Photo of the Day

We ended our visit to Pearl Harbor that day on the decks of the USS Missouri where the treaty was signed that ended the war. The "Mighty Mo" has a place in the harbor that overlooks the Arizona Memorial.


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