Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Getting Older, POTD, Shop News

What's on my mind?

I had a lovely time getting to know a new doctor this week. The doctor I have seen since I moved to Jackson has left town to start a practice in Bend Oregon. If you live there I can highly recommend Dr. Ellen Meyers MD.

Anyway the new doctor.....
She asked if I wanted a flu shot and I said yes. That pleased her and me. I missed a year once and caught the flu. I never want to be that sick again if it can be avoided. I know the shot doesn't provide perfect protection but so far the years that I got a flu shot I have not gotten the flu.That's good enough for me.

Now about that getting older part of today's title.....
It seems that my bones are thinning. I learned that is it the curse of post menopausal white women and that is exactly what I am. So I will be starting a once a week dose of medicine to improve my bone health. I guess that is better than breaking a hip. I will let you know at my next bone scan, in a year, how this works out over time.

Photo of the Day

Today I am sharing with you one of the beautiful sunsets from our recent Caribbean cruise. This one was just off the coast of Grand Cayman. The sky really was just like this. I have not edited or enhanced this picture in any way. Stunning, isn't it?

News from

Great excitement and some worry in the shop this week. I sold a hat to someone on the other side of the country and that is the great excitement part.  Things I mail from here typically go from here to a bit sorting center in Salt Lake City which the package did. Now the worry inducing part. The package left Salt Lake the next day and has been in transit ever since. It should have been delivered on Monday and it is now Wednesday. I know this is a busy time of year for shippers but I am worried.
Let you know more about this next week.


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  2. Thanks for stopping by Cindy. Maybe I should start posting here again.


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