Wednesday, January 29, 2014

What's New Wednesday

So what is new today?

Well it is snowing but at the end of January that is not so new. American Idol is on tonight and that is a new episode and I admit to being a fan. I have surveys to fill out in my inbox, not new. I got a couple likes from strangers on my tumbler blog and that is new.

But to me the best news I have is that I got two shawls listed online yesterday. Learning some construction techniques from other projects helped me to design and make these and I am pleased with how they turned out. These really need to go where they will be worn and loved by somebody.

I used four strands of thread to make the shawl above that had grays, beige and browns, one of them a variegated thread. It came out so soft and drapes over shoulders so well that you could wrap it lots of ways. The border creates a ruffled edge, but not too ruffly. I have only done one of these so far but I do have supplies for more.

This one I imagined as a bridal or wedding shawl although if someone likes to wear white it would work for them too. When taking the pictures I was really worried about capturing the white without funny tints and am pleased with that. This thread has an opalescent strand in it that I just couldn't get to show up. So with this one you get white with a bit of bling. I did this style in an icy blue too and will hopefully be getting that posted today.

If you want to see more pictures of these they are in my shop Cozy on Zibbet.

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