Thursday, August 2, 2012

Duck, duck, book

It has been so fun to watch this mama and her little ones everyday. There are 5 babies in the group and I gave up on this day of getting all 5 in one picture. The young ones dive and splash while mom swims along calmly close to the group. They are all rather shy and keep plenty of space between themselves and this curious human. I try not to spook them so they feel safe in my pond.

In this picture the ducks were out of the water for a bit on the far side so I did not disturb them.


Now about the book in my title. I just finished reading Blue Horizon by Wilbur Smith. Look all you fans of great literature sometimes I just read to be entertained and this book did that. It had pirates, princes, warriors, damsels in distress and lots of cheesy dialogue. Need I mention that the good guys won and all the couples moved on to happily ever after. Want to be entertained with a story set in Africa? It might be worth it for you.

By the way are any of you members on Goodreads? I am and you can find me here. I signed up for a reading challenge at the start of this year to read 40 books in a year. Right now I am a couple behind but what else is new. Kind of how I operate.

Two days in a row. Don't get excited.
Till next time,

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