Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time, in the winter of 1997 actually, a young lady was born. Her parents were in a all things cowboy loving stage of life and named her after a little town in Wyoming. That town is Kaycee, Wyoming.

I had a chance to visit this little place not long ago. There is not much to it but charm. You will find a school.

There was a diner that had some great soup and sandwiches for lunch. Almost everything on main street is in an old west style with lots of wood for buildings and signs, even on the post office.

The town of Kaycee is getting ready for a big event on the 18th of June. The town will be hosting the first annual Chris LeDoux Days. This event is to celebrate the opening of a memorial park and includes some rodeo type events as well as a street dance. The park is finished and all dressed up with flowers, a wagon, and a statue.

To learn more about this little bit of Wyoming you can visit the Chamber of Commerce website.


  1. An interesting story. And sometime charm is enough.

  2. It really is charming and right off the highway just north of Casper. I hope I can see it someday with my granddaughter Kaycee.

  3. I just stumbled upon your blog here. So fun to read. I am leaving Ohio on June 8th, getting in my car and driving west to Montana. I always said I would go back one day - and that day has come. I have a son born in 1994 who I named Cody - after Cody, WY. I figured that might be my only hope of ever hearing about the west again. But I am going! Perhaps I will visit Cody and even Kaycee while out there!


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