Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Yesterday's Surprise

It was a quiet rainy day around here yesterday. In the late afternoon I was on the computer that has windows to the front of our house checking email, forums and reading blogs. That is what I do before I start fixing dinner and while waiting for Jim to get home from work. I heard the garage door and then my name. Actually he said "Homer". He calls me Homer and I call him George. Silly I know but back to what happened. He asked how long the buffalo had been in the backyard and I had no clue they were even there but there were about 8 of them. Of course I grabbed a camera. See-

After taking pictures we just watched. The buffalo slowly wandered across the street to another house that had some good strong scratching trees.

You know winter may be long here, very long in fact, spring may not exist and summer is short but where else on Earth will you ever see the beauty and animal life that is so common in Jackson Wyoming? I hope the newness and my sense of wonder about it all never wears off.

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