Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fresh Powder

I woke up this morning to a light snowfall that put a new dusting on the trees. Something else I have noticed in being away from a big city is that the snow stays prettier longer. It does not gather all the dirt and debris thrown out by commuting cars and people. I am liking this. I know that next winter about this time I may well be whining about waiting for spring but we'll deal with that when it happens okay?

In the meantime I want to start recording what I read. If you have read anything I put here feel free to leave a comment. Right now I am reading American Wife. I bought the book in an airport around the holidays and I am fascinated by the story but am rationing it. I don't have my new library card yet and that is my favorite way to get books. Getting a library card is something I do right after getting a new drivers license when I move to a new place and I need to do both, maybe next week. I am anxious to check out the Teton County Library and see what they have to offer.

Until next time-


  1. I think right now I would take snow over rain right now,,I am getting sick of this wet stuff..oh well gotta take the good with the bad..I have been reading right now I am reading the 4th book in a series by Mary Balogh,,it is historical romance,,the book before this one was the Dark Queen by Susan Carroll an older one but really good..Trudys Promise was really good to that is by Marcia Preston..have fun...

  2. I recently got an account at, and it's a great way to track and, if you want to, review the books you've read. I had countless friends recommend the site to me before finally giving it a try, and it's fun!

  3. Thanks for the tips ladies. I like historical romance so I will look those up Devon. Holly I will be checking out Good Reads to.

  4. Another good way to get books is at a used book store where you can trade in your old ones for different ones and only pay a small fee for each boo,


  5. I hope you will share with us some of your thoughts on what you read. What size library do they have in Jackson? I am reading "Heaven Is For Real," a book my wife just finished and asked me to read. I'm about half way through the book and so far is has been aan interesting read. You have a whole new adventure opening up before you. Good luck.


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