Thursday, August 5, 2010

Stuck on Blue

Yes blue is my favorite color. I enjoy all the colors but blue is peaceful and comforting to me. I see it in water and sky as a big part of my world. It can be deep as indigo or light and silvery.

Some of my favorite pictures have the blue of water in them and I find my eye drawn to it as I look over supplies when I start new projects and I am always starting new projects.

I think this shot shows what I mean about water and sky. So many shades and variation of blue in one shot. This was taken by Jim on the shores of the Great Salt Lake a few years ago and I have always liked looking at it.

I have a lot of blue in my shops on Artfire and Zibbet too. The most recent listing on Zibbet is this crocheted shawl in light blue. (update on the shop thing, I am on Etsy now and the link is at the top of the blog.)

In my blues on Artfire are a couple more of my favorites. I guess it is good when you make something you like. Then you can feel good about showing them off.

The scarf is nice and wide and the yarn is so soft. It is not too heavy. It has just enough weight to lend some warmth and be dare I say it again, cozy? That is what I am all about after all.

I made this headband on a day I was going through some of my fabric scraps. I don't really remember where or when I got this print but I loved the colors and the flowers on it and had just enough for a headband so as near as I know this is truly a one of a kind piece. I don't know anyone else that makes headbands like I do.

If  want to know more about colorful Blogfire crafting you can find the blog carnival this post will be part of on Friday Aug. 6th by clicking here.


  1. Some truly exquisite pieces. I like them all but particularly drawn to the scarf. A man could wear that. What I like best of all is the photo of the lake with the intermingling blue hues between lake and sky. It's a beautiful photo. Good stuff, Ms Cozy.

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  3. I love all these beautiful blues!! Did you know that more people call blue their favorite color than any other color? I think that's a neat fact. It makes sense too, because blue is just so calming and lovely.

  4. I like the different blue hues in that photo - very good example of the subtlety of color "differences"


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