Thursday, August 26, 2010

No Secret Stash

I spent some time yesterday and today at the dentist. I was getting a cleaning and a checkup. That lead to today's appointment for some work on my gums. I am ashamed to say I neglected my teeth for a very long time. How long? Well long enough to be ashamed. I have some other work needing to be done eventually but it would be expensive and the insurance won't cover it because of a missing tooth clause. Too bad I don't have a secret stash of gold bullion. If I did it would all be done already. For now the importance of maintenance and regular exams and cleaning has finally sunk in.


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  2. I can relate! I went for about 5 years with no cleaning since I don't have dental coverage. I thought I was doing a fantastic job and my brushing and flossing but my new dentist thought otherwise. I now keep up with my regular appointments and wrote dentist into my budget!

  3. When I was seventeen and a new recruit recently finished with basic training I was sent to the dentist. He was the first dentist I had ever seen. He drilled eighteen holes in my teeth and put in temporary fillings. He told me when I got to my next duty station the dentist would remove the temporary stuff and fill my teeth with permanent fillings.

    My next duty station was Korea and I didn't see the dentist there. And by not seeing a dentist I didn't save any gold bars either. I'm more thrifty now but my poor teeth.

    Let me say thanks for your comment. Maybe I could use some advise on my next one. Cheers and all of you take care of your teeth.


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