Tuesday, June 1, 2010

considering 55

My age will change next week. I will go from early 50's to mid 50's and the thought is a bit depressing. I notice I am a bit grayer this year and it really shows because I have never colored my hair unless you count a teen-aged experiment with lemon juice and sunshine. Some things are good though. I can be thankful that knees, hips and ankles are in good shape. My hands ache sometimes after a long day of knitting or crocheting. I suppose I will have to find some kind of joint pain relief one of these days because as long as I can see and my hands work I won't stop those hobbies. I need them as much as breathing whether anything sells in my shops or not.

My thoughts shared with you and noted for myself and a way to take a break from cleaning chores for a minute.

Let me know what is up with you.
I love comments.

Dusting is next.


  1. I have a birthday this month too...I think I'm just a year behind you. Yes, I've noticed lots of changes too.

    Happy Birthday! Take care ~Natalie

  2. Happy early birthday! Getting older is actually a good thing...some people don't get to make it that far in life. Besides, it's just a number :)

  3. I am thankful that so far it is nothing that seriously affects lifestyle. You are right it is just a number.


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