Friday, April 16, 2010

Late Night Television

I was up the other night around midnight and was looking for some background noise on the television while I sat and did some knitting. Since all of the shows I like to watch that were scheduled were reruns that I had already seen I checked to see what was on my local PBS station. They were showing the Arizona state spelling bee and I decided to watch.

I learned some new words too. One of the words that s student misspelled was logomachy which my Fire Fox spell checker does not know either but it does now since I added it to the dictionary. It means a dispute over words. I am going to have to find a way to use that.

The second place finisher missed borealization(adaptation to life in northern climates). the winner spelled it correctly and then spelled regurgitant(I bet you can figure that one out.) to win. I like to think I spell well but type poorly sometimes when my fingers don't put on the screen what my brain says. These kind of silly mistakes always show up glaringly after I hit the publish post button. Does that happen to you too?

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