Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Remembering 12

As I was sewing curtains and listening to Oldies on itunes I started remembering when I was 12. Why? Well because the music took me back there and I have a granddaughter that age right now.

Do you remember that time in your life? I will tell you that for me it was in 1967. Nearly ancient huh? I remember feeling grownup thinking about junior high school the next year. I have a hunch she feels the same. Boys became a big deal and looking good became more important though styles have changed. We went to the local drug store or five and dime. Who remembers five and dime stores?

There are some parallels. We were then and are now a nation at war though I think the bombardment of so many media and information sources diffuses the national awareness of it. I know when what I mainly had in the living room on the black and white television was Walter Cronkite he let you know what was happening. News stations that stick to facts rather than straying to constant editorials are more and more rare. Other less serious comparisons are wearing blue jeans and straight hair. We weren't even allowed to wear pants to school let alone jeans however until I was in high school.

Okay clearing my mind is over. Back to sewing.
If you wish to leave your memories of 12 and the year you were that age here I would love to see them and others probably would too.

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