Friday, March 19, 2010

Not a big deal

My little crafting world is not a big deal. At least not to my family who don't always get how my crafts save my sanity and are not a sign of insanity. As a mere hobbyist I always try to provide great service to any customers who come my way. I am always extremely grateful for each and every purchase of something I made that another person appreciates and will use to make their life cozy. I try to send a small extra with every order I get and it so far has always been some little thing I have made.

I know that some artisans, more professional than I, have promo items made up to send with their orders. I have received a magnetic calendar and stickers of art work myself. You can get just about anything these days with a logo on it from coffee cups, pens, pencils, flashlights, tape measures, promo keychains, note pads, and so much more.

My question is does getting a gift of any kind make you want to come back and shop again with someone or is getting your item quickly and as described enough? I would love to get some opinions on this.

PS We are back online here at home and I will be caught up on everything very soon. My new craft room is coming together nicely as well as getting the house organized over all.


  1. I wouldn't expect to get anything extra, but it would be a pleasant surprise if I did.

    When I ship something from my etsy store,I usually tuck in an inexpensive token as a thank you for their purchase. No one has commented, so maybe it isn't really noticed??

    I came back here for a second time, as I was curious as to what other people's comments were.

    Happy Spring ~Natalie

  2. I hope to get some more comments too. I would like to see how people really think about this.

    I have also started sending a code for a personalized coupon from ArtFire or Zibbet to use if a customer returns.

    Do shoppers return more for a discount than a gift or token in a purchase?

  3. I LOVE extras! I always take notice and feel very grateful. The way I feel about receiving unexpected extras has contributed largely to the fact that I send along little handmade presents with my orders, too. :-)


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