Friday, September 11, 2009

I know it's early

I know it is a bit early to think about Christmas for most of us anyway. I have had a few friends that had all their shopping done by Halloween. There is something I want you to consider as the holidays approach this year and this year it could even be more needed with unemployment so high and struggling families.

Jim and I believe that Christmas is for kids. The thought of kids going without a celebration or even a small gift makes us sad. Nearly every year we find a way to help a family or child. One year the bishop of the local ward told us of a family who couldn't get anything for their kids so we donated to that. We have given to kids and families who struggled at the school I used to work at. Jim has participated in a Secret Santa at the hospitals he works at. One year we donated and volunteered time for Toys for Tots with the Marines. We have bought requested presents for kids on the trees you see in stores and malls as well. It just feels good to know that those children who might go without can get something for Christmas.

You know it doesn't really take much to make Christmas and the world a nicer place. Try it and you will feel so good!

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  1. yes, Christmas holidays should be for children. Thanks for the thoughts and inspiration! {:-D

  2. Very well said! Every child should have a little something to open up on Christmas.

  3. It is really very simple, after all. There are so many opportunities for giving everywhere.


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