Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Handmade at Home

Today I am continuing to show the little things that are part of my daily life that are handmade. Having things from hands that care whether your own or another persons just makes it all more meaningful. To me it creates a connection to the thoughts and feelings behind the creation. In a mass produced world the only thought behind the creation of objects is probably "When does my shift end so I can go home?"

The little basket today isn't much. It started out plain white and I sponged the green paint on it. The flowers inside were left from the center pieces on the tables at my oldest daughter's wedding reception. That event was a lovely day and lots of fun. So you see at a glance I can feel better just thinking of the happy time behind the creation. This sits on the edge of the tub in the master bath so I get to see it several times a day.
As for any purists out there I will admit this is not made from scratch but rather the basket is hand altered and the flowers just placed in it but those ideas were put together by my hands.
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