Monday, February 23, 2009

Feeling Good!

I think I have found a housekeeping method that will keep me sane. You would think at 53 that I would know all about how to keep a house but things have gotten out of control trying to have a craft business at home too. Let me just say that I shined my sink. If you google the phrase shine your sink you will find out what it is all about.

My hope is that using this method I can give myself permission to go to work without feeling guilty about my house. By breaking chores into small chunks and daily routines I can manage once the days tasks are done I can go to work. It is already paying off. I smile walking into my kitchen and have begun the task of decluttering and it feels good!

I used my time this afternoon to take pictures of a shawl that I have listed in my Art Fire shop. I had a helper with my photos today. This bird sat on top of his bush in the yard chirping at me while I was taking the shots. He seemed to be protesting me being in his yard and showed no fear as I moved around arranging the camera and mannequin so I took his picture too. He is the fella that you see in all my shop and blog headers.

PS- Happy Birthday Kevon! No picture for you because all of you guys seem to complain when I do that!


  1. Are you talking about Flylady?...I have been following her for almost makes housework fun! Tammy

  2. Yes it is FlyLady. I am just getting started but feel a difference already in how I face the day. Rather than being overwhelmed setting timers and picking out what to focus on makes it all seem so much easier.

  3. Yep...I would have told you about it sooner, but I didn't want to hear the comments from you and Cindy about my lists and OCD etc.


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