Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I love Google Reader! I collect every crafty, knitty, Etsy, interesting blog I run across. My morning reading over coffee is filled with many, many interesting posts. I have a list of just over 1000 blogs.

When the new followers widget came out I thought it was fantastic and I still do except...
I was going through my Google Reader subscription list intending to change all the blogspot blogs on the list to blogs I follow when I ran into a problem. Blogger has informed me that you can only follow 200 blogs at a time.

If you are using the follower widget I thought you would want to know.


  1. gosh, you need a few more blogs, just to increase your subscription list. You think that's possible?

  2. The following limit is per blogger account not per blog. I can still see them all in my Google Reader list however I wanted them to know I was part of their audience and can't do that for all of them.

  3. My husband loves the reader and each morning he takes time to see what has been collected. I tried it but kept forgetting to check it out!

    I really like seeing how the titles change on my list of blogs. This is probably why I did not stick to G.R.


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