Thursday, June 5, 2008

Where Would You Go?

Image by Portland Ground
I don't know that those who end up in the Witness Protection Program actually have much choice about where they end up as long as it is away and safe. In USA Network's new original series In Plain Sight a couple of US Marshalls in New Mexico help folks start over.

No offense meant to those that love New Mexico but if I could choose it would be Portland, Oregon. I have been there once during the Rose Festival. We stayed in a downtown hotel that I have forgotten the name of now but the parade went right by the hotel's front doors. It was only a couple blocks to the waterfront park with lots of carnival like attractions and entertainment. It was also where we boarded a boat to enjoy a dinner cruise on the river. The photo you see above is of the very walkable shopping area downtown. Even in a light rain we had a good time going in and out of the stores. If major retailers aren't your idea of shopping fun there is always the Saturday Market. I enjoyed that so much and as a crafter would love to take part in that on a regular basis.

I don't need to escape thank goodness so I guess if I am ever going to live in Portland I will have to arrange it myself. Where would you go?

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