Monday, February 11, 2008

Just Relax

For today I want to share with you a find from my favorites list on In the future I plan to make this type of post a regular feature. My list of favorite things is much more that you see in the Etsy Mini on the left and I want to show them off.

This Cozy Creature is from kraftychic's shop. Here is what she wants you to know about it-

fishHeat therapy goldfish is constructed from four layers of 100% cotton fabric. It's filled with rice, cloves and natural lavender. Not over-powering, a faint relaxing aroma.
Ideal for all aches and pains! Especially for the ladies during their menstrual cycle…place underneath lower back or on top of lower abdominal. Perfect for sore muscles, arthritis, cramps, headaches and many more uses. Not only will it relieve your aches it will also add a smile on your face at the same time.
Place in microwave approx: 90 seconds. If prefer hotter, replace and check every thirty seconds for desire temp.
If chosen to use as an ice pack, place in a large Ziploc baggy (included)before placing in freezer.
Measures:11 x 8.5 inches.
Nice size-not small!

All of this cozy comfort is just $12.00US. Take a look ! I can think of so many times where having this would be so wonderful, can you?

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