Friday, August 3, 2007

Only Pencil

I saw this etsy artist featured a while back on another blog and really enjoyed looking through the shop. It is so inspiring to see something come from such humble tools be so glorious. If I had money to burn I would start shopping here today. You can learn more about this artist from his own words found in the profile section of his shop.

"My medium of choice as you can see is pencil. I have always been fascinated with black and white images and pencil has that look that i love. I'm also a big fan of lighting and textures which pencil provides. Pencil is not a medium that gets the respect that it deserves, but i want to show people that it can be up there with more classical mediums such as oils and acrylics. If used correctly, it can produce incredible images that not only look beautiful but are so full of life. Well i hope you enjoy my artwork and hopefully one of my prints or originals can become part of your home or office."

If you would like to go shopping at the Only Pencil shop on clicking on the etsy mini for the shop will take you there. Enjoy!

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