Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Etsy Orange Goldfish

I was listening in the car this weekend to NPR. The Prairie Home Companion Show was on and as usual the host was telling a story from Minnesota. This one was about a woman who made a seafood salad for her family in the middle of winter from all the fishy things she had in her freezer. At the end of the meal she remembered some goldfish that should have been in the freezer to be buried by her kids in the spring when the ground thawed. Of course she went and looked and the goldfish weren't there.

Anyway this brings me to today's bit of Etsy orange. I really don't think there is much that could be searched for on Etsy and not find some kind of art or crafted piece that would fit. Take a look at the picture of just some of the things that turned up from a search of the word goldfish and you will see baby things, jewelry, hair accessories, glasses, art and a toy.

Take a minute or two, go check out Etsy and see what you find.

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