Friday, January 11, 2019

More from my Reader's Digest Collection

 This time I am sharing an old book but one I thought was definitely worth my time. If it might be something you would like to read to I have links to this book found on Amazon. My own copy will be passed on to a thrift store in town for someone else to enjoy.

All four stories found in Volume 2 from 1987 kept me turning pages and ignoring the television and that's a good thing. 

  • A Place to Hide by Evelyn Anthony first published in 1987 and takes place mostly Ireland. It is a story of a brother and sister caught up in the struggles between Catholic, Protestant and the governments of England and Ireland.
  • Nightshade by Gloria Murphy was published in 1986. This tale is a thriller with lots of great plot twists. It includes characters like a good cop, a single mom, an unknown brother who stalks a family. It does end with happily ever after for the single mom but that is all you're getting from me.
  • East and West by Gerald Green was in bookstores first in 1986. Set in the years of WWII it puts two people in love and their families in the middle of the the fears and dangers of being at war and living in countries that were both attacked.
  • Will Bryant wrote A Time For Heroes that was also available in 1987. Set in 1923 frontier Arizona this book was just so fun to read. Serious thing happened here but the characters were all a bit over the top. There was a flying ace that gets the girl. I loved the grumpy old grandpa who was a prospector and hopeful inventor. Add in assorted crooks and thieves and a newpaper man who wants a story and you get a story full of life and unexpected heroes. 

The links to this book on Amazon are Affiliate links. Clicking and then purchasing from Amazon might earn me a small commission with no cost to you but you get my thanks and I might buy more yarn. We will both be happy, right?

Back with more again soon. Take care and stay cozy!

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