Thursday, January 25, 2018

What To Do With Scrap Yarn

I am trying not to add to the collections of odds and ends of yarn and fabric I have boxed away in a very big closet in my house these days. Without buying anything new I could keep myself busy and happy for years. In my 60s now I may have reached SABLE. If that term is new to you let me explain. It is an acronym for stash acquisition beyond life expectancy.These materials have built up over the years in little bits at a time and will be used up in the same way.

I ended last year by making a baby blanket to be given to the first baby of the new year at the local hospital. You can see here all the ends I had to weave in to get it done in time. While I loved the pattern that I found on Ravelry, Baby Bonanza Blanket, I did wonder what the heck I was thinking when I chose a pattern with so many color changes. I loved the yarn too. It is a machine washable 100% cotton that I got from named Cascade Yarns Ultra Pima. The softness of this yarn, the rainbow of colors and the squishiness of garter stitch made a beautiful blanket. The hospital's first baby of the new year was a boy who I imagine being very cozy in his new blanket. Of course I had bits of leftover yarn after the blanket was done so......

I started the new year with a scrap project that has managed to use up almost every little bit of that leftover yarn. I now have a stack of brand new washcloths and bright and cheerful rainbow colors. I haven't reduced my stash with this project but I haven't added to it either. I call that a win.

Back with more again soon.
Take care and stay cozy!

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