Saturday, January 20, 2018

Late Start

Been quite some time since I blogged. I missed it so here I am with good intentions.
What a year 2017 was and I am not even talking about politics. Jim was going to retire in the fall and then he didn't. I started creating a retirement nest for us in Arizona. At the beginning of the summer, Memorial Weekend in fact, Jim has a heart attack. He is doing very well these days but we kind of started adjusting timelines.

I am back nesting and he is still working. We started the year by going on a cruise. We were on the Holland America Line Oosterdam on a trip to Mexico. We had a lovely time and were welcomed back to San Diego by a couple of stunning sights. The first was the USS Midway all lit up before the sun rose and the second was a ship heading out of the harbor in the fog.

It was good to go and good to get home. I don't know when I will be here on the blog again. The plan for blogging would include the word soon. Until then take care.

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