Monday, January 29, 2018

Cabo San Lucas Glass Factory

I am going to share a bit more about our cruise earlier this month on the Oosterdam. After a day at sea our first port was Cabo San Lucas which is a town at the southern end of the Baha Peninsula in Mexico. We decided to take a guided tour to a glass factory and I don't regret that one bit. I seem to be collecting hand blown glass these days so I loved the chance to see the work being done.

We had a bit of a bus ride, maybe half an hour, to get to the glass factory from the cruise port. I can't really say how long but we went from Cabo San Lucas to San Jose del Cabo. Chairs were waiting for groups to show up and once we gathered one of the glass artisans started working on a demonstration piece. The blob of very hot glass turned into a turtle in a sombrero with a tequila bottle in just a few minutes.

Of course there is a gift shop attached to the glass factory. Besides seeing all the items for sale my eyes were drawn to the walls and the ceiling. Color and sparkle and light filled the place and made it hard to know where to look next. The picture of the ceiling I took is a good example of this.

Of course I got myself a trinket. Actually I chose an ornament for my Christmas tree. It will be a nice way to be reminded of the day each year. You can see this speckled glass technique in many pieces of Mexican glass work including glasses of all shapes and sizes, vases, pitchers and so much more and I wanted a piece for myself. 

Our guide made sure we got to see the local church before taking us back to the cruise port. No matter what your beliefs are there is a calmness that seems to come over most people when the enter these old and loved churches. Right across the street was our lunch stop at a restaurant named Molly's. They have good food and a great system for serving a busload of tourists quickly and with a smile.


Back with more again soon.
Take care and stay cozy!

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