Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Enjoying Fall, Cozy on Etsy Shop News, Photo of the Day

What's on My Mind?

Fall and all the changes it brings is definitely here in Jackson WY. The lovely red and gold leaves are off most of the trees, removed by wind and rain and the first snows of the year. The weather changes each day and even each hour. Something in me doesn't really enjoy the cold cloudy wetness that autumn brings. I have never minded the cold dry winter days here when the air sparkles like diamonds though. Strange, I know, that is just the way I am. What is new in your part of the world?

Cozy on Etsy Shop News

My coupon code SHOPEARLY20 is still active until the 31st of October. I would love to see folks taking advantage of that code for early gift shopping. 

I have put one of the potholders I made in the shop. I have some other colors to get listed. (on my to do list for this afternoon among other things) These are from an old pattern. I used a smaller than normal crochet hook for the cotton yarn. This makes a potholder that is very thick and that will do a good job of protecting your hands. I have seen other shops use acrylic yarn for these but I don't. Cotton will handle the heat without melting like acrylic can. Who wants melted plastic in your kitchen? Just sayin'. These are nice and large at about 8 x 6 to give good coverage if you want to use them for a trivet under a hot pan to protect tables or countertops too.

Photo of the Day

When I walked along the National Elk Refuge Road recently some of the male big horn sheep were grazing and stopping a lot of traffic. I did not get a picture that day but am sharing one I took from a couple years ago. I love watching these animals!

Til next time, take care and stay cozy!


  1. Wow! Snow already? It was mid 80's here today. Love your picture of the big horn sheep.

  2. Yes Laurie snow already. Thanks for commenting on the picture. The sheep are some of my favorite animals in this area.

  3. I love this big horn sheep picture as well. You took a very nice one. I can't believe you already have snow. Stay warm and comfy!!! Happy Halloween:)

  4. Thank you! As I told Laurie the sheep are one of my favorites and yes snow with more coming this weekend.


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